Dear collectors and futur collectors,


Hey Yes !  it is a passion for me.  I collect Christmas villages  for  more  than  twenty  years.  I 

buy   Little china houses, characters and other accessories, finally, everything to make a village.


The 14th of February, 2014, during a meeting between friends  who  also  are  enthousiasts  of 

Christmas, a Christmas  collectors’club  was  created :   Les Elfes du Village / The Village Elves.


It is a way  for the members  to  share their  knowledge  and  their  finds  during  meetings  who 

Members attendent different woorkshops :  Trees, mountains, streems makings, etc… to complete

their village.




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A Word from the president

The aim of the club is to have pleasure and to share it  with  others.  Each  member  can  exchange  his  ideas  with others  on  the

various  manners to make a village, for every brand of little china houses.  We inform  the  members of the differents sponsors who

sell Christmas  articles and we encourage to visit them all year round.


Furthermore, the club organizes five (5) annual  meetings  with  workshops, as  well  as four (4) events : Sugar shack,  spaghetti-supper,

corn roast and Christmas dinner with a Christmas buffet. 


Thus, if you want to meet fanatics of Christmas villages and decorations,  I  invite  you to join our  club  and  you will  see  that  you 

will  pass good and beautiful moments.


Denis Barbe


The Village Elves Club