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                                                                                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES OF the CLUB
No responsibility is assumed by the club for any wound undergone by a person participating in functions organized by the club. Furthermore, the club assumes no responsibility for any damage whatever item it is brought to a meeting of the club or in an event sponsored by the club.

We are a collectors’ Club of little porcelain houses which was founded in February 2014 by a group of people who enjoy visiting Christmas stores.  An Executive Committee of 5 people was elected to guide this club.


We are a non-profit club, grouping together people of all ages and having creative and entertaining interests. 


There are 5 regular meetings during the year (February, April, June, September & November). During these meetings there are workshops, a sharing of tips between members, presentation of new products and many door prizes.  There are also other activities such as:  a visit to the Sugar Shack, a spaghetti-supper, a Corn Roast and a Christmas Party. 


The members also receive 4 coloured newsletters per year. They contain articles on different activities of the club, information on the newest products from “Department 56” and other Christmas decorations, and also pictures of seasonal village displays.


The yearly cost of a membership is $20.00 per person. Furthermore, because we are a non-profit club, membership fees, sponsors and other collected monies serve to pay the expenses of the club (newsletters, office equipment, stamps, activities, etc.).  Any surplus is given out as door prizes at the different activities.


If you wish to join our club, please complete and return the Inscription Form attached.  For more information, contact us.


Denis Barbe


(450) 979-3089



The pandemic is difficult for everyone.

One of our members found a hobby to entertain themselves during the pandemic. He signed up for the internet piano class.   Here are the results after a few months of practice.         
Click on the link